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I am a London based producer and audio engineer. I am also a competent multi-instrumentalist and love being involved with the recording of music of all kinds. Here you will find a list of my recent releases, both as a producer and as a musician. 


Below are some of the artists and projects that I have been involved with recently

K.O.G, Onipa, Nubiyian Twist, Lauren Housley, Franz Von, John Smith, TC And The Groove Family, BCUC, Yola, Balo, August Charles, Chloe Foy, Heritage, Plantfood, LADY, Robbie Cavanagh, Katherine Priddy, The Brothers Gilespie, Assembly Trio, Malah Palinka, High Windows, Matt Grant, Jonathan Patel, The Buffalo Skinners, Shrub, Aiza, Mikoudi, The Yorkshire Silent Film Festival, Frame Ensemble, Archipelago, Green Tangerines, The Tenmours, Whale Detective, Jo Peel, Sam Salt, Frankly Jazz, Stingray Fever, Breakfast With Bears, Walking On Mountains, ButterJunk, Buffalo Skinners, Good Nothings, Life Aquatic Band, Surf Jaz, Spess, Katie Stewart, OKH, Ernie, Samh, Bog Woppit, Glass Masterer, Jazz At The Lescar


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